CA90 Dental Plan Details - LIBERTY Dental Plan
Plan Description

For Individuals and Families that want Basic Dental Care Benefits and need a plan that will reduce the out of pocket expense for Cleanings, Fillings, and Diagnostic Care. You may visit any Network Dentist in the state of California and receive the same quality coverage. There are no waiting periods or deductibles for any covered procedure.

Should you purchase the CA90 as a family; each member can use a different Dentist within the Network without notifying LIBERTY Dental.

Remember, NO WAITING PERIOD means you won’t be told you must wait 6 months or a year before you are covered for a major procedure. You can repair the problem now before it gets worse. NO MAXIMUM means you can use your plan for the full twelve months without concern for reaching a maximum amount of coverage. NO DEDUCTIBLE means you will not be required to pay full price for procedures until before your coverage takes effect. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and Eligibility for further details.

Annual Premiums
Member Member +1 Member +2 or more
$120.47 $154.30 $176.52

Annual premiums are paid in full when purchasing your plan. There are no monthly payment plans available.

Your plan will be activated within  two (2) business days and there are no waiting periods for any covered procedures.

Co-Pays for all dental procedures are paid directly to your Dentist.